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Air Conditioning

Shoalhaven Air & Electrical can supply and install all types of reverse cycle air conditioning and heating systems in your home, office or commercial premises. We also offer a range of maintenance solutions to keep your system running efficiently and prevent costly breakdowns.

Air Conditioning Sales, Service and Installation

Our comprehensive range of air conditioning systems and units covers all budgets and property types. Contact Us to find out more about air conditioning installation or the air conditioning systems we offer. Free advice and free quotes!

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is a quiet and efficient way to control the temperature of your home or office, with the ability to separate into zones or even separate rooms. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning offers the best solution for air conditioning, where the installation allows for the correct design and installation. So, whether it’s cooling on a hot summer’s day, or heating on a cold winter’s morning we can design and install a system that suits your exact needs and budget.

As most of the equipment is placed in the roof cavity or under the floor, ducted air conditioning offers the most unobtrusive type of air conditioning.

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Ducted gas heating

Ducted Gas Heating is great for cooler places or climates where heating is the preferred option.

With the option of natural gas or LPG, gas ducted systems can be installed anywhere, although they are far more commonly used for colder climates where a cooling system isn’t the major requirement. Ducted gas heaters are almost silent in operation, as the only moving part is a fan motor, which makes a perfect choice for residences, as no outdoor noise is heard from neighbours or occupants within the home.

Ducted gas systems can be installed either in the roof or under the floor, with the furnace mounted internally or externally. With the option to install add-on cooling, your Braemar ducted heating system can be used to cool your home also.

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Split systems

Split systems are a cheaper option to cool or heat a single room in your home or office. The indoor unit is mounted on an internal wall of the building and the outdoor unit is located outside. These systems are relatively quiet in operation, depending on the size of the system, brands and installation methods used.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Prevention is cheaper than the cure.

Maintenance of air conditioning systems is very important but is often left until a breakdown happens. Even from the smallest wall splits to large commercial systems, maintenance is critical to maintaining maximum efficiency and performance. The basic wall split found in most homes has a fan scroll within the indoor unit which can get very dirty, reducing airflow and in turn reducing performance and efficiency. Simple cleaning and regular maintenance will ensure systems are kept in good working order.

Drains remove the water from the indoor unit usually mounted in the roof or on the wall. Build-up of dirt over time will cause drains to block and water leaks to occur down the wall or through the ceiling. Drains are cleaned and flushed during our maintenance service so you can be assured your system will operate when needed.

Depending on system usage and requirements, servicing should be carried out either:

  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • 6-monthly
  • Annually

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